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Dear Members ,

Following on from our previous announcement regarding adult training. We are pleased to announce the Appointment of Simon Talbot as Head Coach for the Adult section. Outdoor nets with Simon will commence on 19th April 2018 with a 6.15pm start.

Simon brings a wealth of experience to the role having been Head Coach for the Denmark National Team and is a ECB Level 3 Coach, as well as being heavily involved with the Surrey Cricket setup in recent times.

Please find attached a schedule for the first few weeks of training. We will be asking players for their availability to attend training and your Captains will contact you in due course. Upon arrival players will be asked to book in their batting slot on a first come first serve basis. Training will be split into 3 zones: a fielding zone, an artificial net zone and a practice wicket net zone. Players will cycle through each zone working on skills directed by Simon Talbot and assisted by the respective captains.

In the coming days all Adult members will receive an invitation to download the Pitchero Club App – this will be the main conduit for information exchange on selection matters for the club. Please download and add your details asap.

These are some initial thoughts from our Saturday captains:

In a year where all teams are going to be pushing for promotion it’s important to train as we want to play. Having some structure and a highly qualified coach added to our training sessions should see improvements in every department giving us every chance for every player to achieve their personal and team goals.

James Wright – First Team Captain

The signing of Talby is an exciting one for the club. This signals a new approach of train to improve and Talby brings international and domestic experience to the table to help us do that. Training will now offer players the opportunity to work on skills and disciplines that will impact their individual and team performances. This will allow us to be a step ahead of our opponents in what looks to be a promising season ahead.

Nasir Sayed – Second Team Captain

We think it is a very welcome step in the right direction to have such a highly qualified coach to work with the teams at the club. It would be a start of a new era in the new look Cheam CC.

Anirudh Ramadurai & Mohan Elango  Third & Fourth Team Captains

Player feedback will be valued during the new training sessions and those of you with questions please feel free to approach your respective captains or any committee member.


Finally we hope all of you will make Simon feel welcome at our club by supporting him and the captains by doing your best to attend training and showing a positive attitude during sessions.

Cheam CC Committee

5th April 2018